Illustrated Guide to Soil Taxonomy Available

September 10, 2014

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Illustrated Guide to Soil Taxonomy Available

The “Illustrated Guide to Soil Taxonomy” provides an initial understanding and insight into soil classification. The guide is a highly illustrated derivative product of the 12th Edition of the Keys to Soil Taxonomy presenting soil classification to the great group level. It is designed to help college students, especially those participating on collegiate soil judging teams, learn the fundamental concepts of pedogenic features and soil classification. The guide supports soil scientists beginning their career in soil survey by presenting basic concepts of soil features and taxa that may be new to them.

The illustrated guide is useful to natural resource management and engineering professionals who use soil survey information in their work. It presents the broad concepts and diagnostic features used in soil classification that impact use and management decisions. Definitions of the diagnostic horizons and features are accompanied by photos and background information, including examples of common horizon nomenclature. 

The guide is available online.

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