IDT Biologika establishes animal health Americas business unit

Global vaccines and biologics technology leader to focus on the development, production and delivery of high-quality autogenous, wildlife and commercial vaccines and diagnostic solutions for use in animals in Canada and US.

January 13, 2017

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IDT Biologika establishes animal health Americas business unit

IDT Biologika, a world leader in vaccines, announces today that it has established a new organization to serve the animal health needs of veterinarians, farmers and government agencies in the Americas. IDT Animal Health Americas will leverage the company’s global expertise and technology to offer an innovative range of high-quality autogenous, wildlife and commercial vaccines and diagnostic solutions for use in animals.

“Following IDT’s acquisitions in North America in 2015, and the recent acquisition of Ridgeway Biologicals Ltd. in the United Kingdom, the new organization further strengthens IDT’s presence around the globe and unites all quality animal health development, production, approval and distribution activities for the Americas under one umbrella,” said Andreas Kastenbauer, head of IDT’s global animal health division. “By organizing our Animal Health business in the US and Canada, arguably two of the most important markets in the world, we are rapidly advancing toward our goal of becoming the leading autogenous and commercial vaccine manufacturer in the Americas.”

An experienced and fully-integrated leadership team will guide IDT’s Americas Animal Health operations. José Ochoa, who joined IDT from Emergent BioSolutions in 2015, has been appointed head of the new regional business unit for the Americas, responsible for overall growth and operations. He takes on this new role within Animal Health while maintaining his position as Chief Business Officer with IDT Biologika Corporation in Rockville, Maryland. Jackie Gallant, Founder and President of Gallant Custom Laboratories, sits on IDT’s Scientific Advisory Board and will continue to oversee research and development of innovative autogenous biologics, with a focus on serving animal health customers throughout Canada. She will be supported by Dr. Guy Moser, General Manager, Gallant Custom Laboratories, and Sam Mostafa, Gallant Custom Laboratories, who will serve as key account manager for animal health vaccines in Canada. Andreas Kastenbauer, Managing Director of IDT, will continue to head IDT’s global Animal Health Division.

“IDT brings to the Americas deep and broad disease fighting expertise in a wide range of animal health conditions that impact livestock, poultry, and wildlife, including salmonella, edema, influenza, rabies and more,” said Mr. Ochoa. “We are currently building a sales network for solutions in swine diseases and our pipeline products. The company will continue to invest in the people and infrastructure needed to realize our full potential and to support future expansion into Latin America.”


Launch of Ecoporc SHIGA Swine Vaccine

IDT Biologika concurrently launched its first fully licensed swine vaccine for Canada during the Banff Pork Seminar. Ecoporc SHIGA, developed by IDT, is an innovative vaccine that reduces clinical symptoms, animal losses and antibiotic use related to edema disease in swine.

Edema disease is an acute, often fatal, enterotoxemia of recently weaned pigs caused by specific virotypes of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli. Edema disease causes serious losses to the pig industry, resulting in a high rate of mortality among infected pigs.

“Vaccines like Ecoporc SHIGA are vitally important to animal welfare, disease prevention and consumer protection. By reducing antibiotic use, vaccination is a modern solution contributing to public health,” said Dr. Gallant. The product, which has been granted Canadian-wide approval last year, will soon be available to veterinarians and farmers.

In addition, to Ecoporc SHIGA, IDT is committed to offering a portfolio of products that address unmet needs, emerging infectious diseases, and major challenges in terms of keeping North American livestock healthy, thereby promoting human health.


About IDT Biologika

IDT Biologika is an innovative, privately-held life science company with nearly 100 years of history and expertise in the research, development and manufacturing of biologics for the global protection of human and animal health. IDT is building a global animal health vaccine network, which was just recently bolstered by the acquisition of Ridgeway Biologicals Ltd. on January 5. Ridgeway is a leading manufacturer for autogenous animal health vaccines in the United Kingdom. In addition, Gallant Custom Laboratories, acquired last summer, is now fully integrated into the IDT family of companies and helps IDT meet the regional and local manufacturing needs of customers who provide vaccines to the livestock and poultry industry.

Headquartered in Dessau-Rosslau, Germany, the company holds an additional animal health vaccine dedicated R&D and Manufacturing location in Greifswald -- district Riems. In Denmark, the Netherlands and Poland, France and Spain, IDT's Animal Health Business Unit operates through its own subsidiaries.

In its US manufacturing facility in Rockville, Maryland, IDT Biologika GmbH primarily works on vaccine development for clinical phase 1 and 2 projects and provides early development capabilities for the human vaccine market.

IDT Biologika is a company of the Klocke Holding Group. The Klocke Holding Group companies specialize in contract manufacturing and packaging of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and cosmetic products. With more than 2,200 employees and producing at eight locations in Europe and North America, the family-owned Klocke Group offers comprehensive services for production and packaging of pharmaceutical products. For more information, visit

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