Farm Progress America, August 16, 2023

Mike Pearson examines African Swine Fever and it's spread across the globe.

August 16, 2023

Mike Pearson examines African Swine Fever and how fast it si spreading across the world. The virus hasn't been found in the USA but it continues to impact the hog industry.

The Swine Health Information Center, funded by the Pork Checkoff, issues a monthly report and in August it shows the impact of ASF on the hog industry.

The virus spreads through direct contact, transmission of feed and infected meat. The symptoms of the virus include a high fever and weakness and ends in death.

Outbreaks continues in Asia with more and more herds being discovered with the virus.

The spread of the virus is acting as a reminder to check the biosecurity measures on your farm.

If the virus is found in the USA, it will have a profound impact on the industry because pork exports will stop and pork processing would stop for at least 72 hours. It would also send pork prices falling-- as much as 50 percent

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