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Canada reacts to WTO COOL decision

May 22, 2015

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Canada reacts to WTO COOL decision

After the World Trade Organization ruling Canadian Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz and International Trade Minister Ed Fast, said now that the WTO has ruled for the fourth time against the United States with no right for further appeal, Canada would now proceed with its case to seek tariffs against the United States.

In a joint statement, Ritz and Fast said, “In light of the final ruling, and due to the fact that the United States has continued to discriminate against Canadian livestock products, Canada will be seeking authority from the WTO to use retaliatory measures on U.S. agricultural and non-agricultural products. In June 2013, Canada released a proposed list of targeted U.S. imports, and we are now preparing our request to retaliate.”

Mexico has stated it will seek to impose tariffs. Canada and Mexico could be given the right to retaliate as early as August. 

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