Bazooka Farmstar innovates to eliminate hose tears

Extend the life of your hose with new-to-the-market, hose-saver clamps.

October 25, 2017

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Bazooka Farmstar innovates to eliminate hose tears

Bazooka Farmstar’s Sales & Business Development Manager Kevin Wolter put his 40 years of experience to work in creating the new-to-market hose saver clamp.

Standard clamps are relatively loose in structure, with a high hinge profile that make them susceptible to tearing the nylon of your hose as it is being wrapped onto a hose reel. As the industry continues to see a rising trend in gallons per minute, pounds per square inch and velocity, it is essential to have a stronger, more reliable hose clamp.

Wolter’s new 6-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch hose saver clamps, are machined with a low hinge profile, single nut lock and hold a sturdy structure. The design prevents hose gouges and rips, and does not allow room for movement as PSI increases.

Source: Bazooka Farmstar

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