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AP introduces new environmental control, feeder productsAP introduces new environmental control, feeder products

EDGE enhancement allows the controller to connect with standard sensors to detect potential environmental issues, such as CO2, ammonia and water pressure problems.

February 3, 2020

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AP introduces new environmental control, feeder products

During the Iowa Pork Congress and Minnesota Pork Congress, AP (Automated Production Systems) recently unveiled new products and technologies to help pork producers maintain optimal barn environments. 

EDGE controller enhancements
A first in the swine industry, the new weather station feature senses rain, outside temperature, outside humidity, wind speed, wind direction and barometric pressure so that the controller can skip ventilation modes to use natural ventilation instead.  A healthy barn environment is maintained while reducing energy costs. 

Another EDGE enhancement allows the controller to connect with standard sensors to detect potential environmental issues, such as CO2, ammonia, smoke, air speed and water pressure problems. Producers automatically receive email or text alerts.

The new EDGE backup mode offers a third layer of protection in the event the main and redundant control systems fail. The backup mode is automatically activated, enabling ventilation and other environmental functions to be maintained until primary controller function can be restored.

Flex-Flo Unloader
The Flex-Flo Unloader offers increased wear performance and 30% more surface area for feed flow to reduce bridging events. Full line of stainless steel and galvanized models for M220 to M500 Flex-Flo feed delivery systems are available in all configurations. Features include a low-profile clear boot design, composite tube anchors and wear plates, and custom molded clear access door.

Automatic slide gate
This feed delivery accessory provides reliable control with accurate gate positions and quick gate closure. It offers automatic opening based on load cell or proximity switch inputs, as well as remote operation inside the barn, helping to maintain the highest standards for biosecurity.

MC and VR heaters
MC 50/250 and VR 50/250 variable rate heaters offer producers improved efficiency, more control, easier access and increased longevity compared to most other forced air units available on the market today. The MC and VR line‐style burner offers an extended range of 50,000 to 250,000 BTU's, allowing the heater to run longer while improving heat distribution and humidity control. Other features include the most durable, easy to use ignitor on the market and easy maintenance with access through an easy-to-remove door and the fact that every aspect of the heater can be serviced using a single tool – a ¼" nut driver.  

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