In a proactive step, the pork industry has approved a traceability system for the nation's live swine population that includes cull stock and show pigs. Dr. Anna Forseth joins us to talk about the importance of minimizing the disease risk.

March 8, 2024

17 Min Listen

The pork industry took a proactive step to protect animal health and producers’ livelihoods this week with the approval of a resolution aimed at enhancing the country’s live swine traceability system. The goal of the new standards is that of better controlling the spread of a foreign animal disease and lessening the economic impact of an outbreak should one occur. 

Joining Feedstuffs’ Ann Hess in this episode to discuss the importance of controlling foreign animal disease in our nation’s swine herd is Dr. Anna Forseth, Director of Animal Health for the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC). In her role, Anna is the liaison between the pork industry and the government on pre-harvest animal health and public health issues. We caught up with Anna at this week’s National Pork Industry Forum. 

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