JBS, Cloudfarms advance swine data management at U.S. sow sites

Multi-site reports give real-time insights on how farms are performing and where to focus farm managers' attention on in daily production.

January 27, 2023

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Cloudfarms, a subsidiary of BASF SE, and JBS Live Pork, a subsidiary of JBS USA and one of the largest pork producers in North America, have started a collaboration to further advance production data management at sow operations in the United States. JBS has already set up Cloudfarms' Swine Data Management System at their 90 U.S. sow farms.

In a next step, JBS will roll out Cloudfarms' mobile app to easily and accurately collect data from daily farm operations like servings, relocations and animal health management directly in the barn. The mobile app instantly sends collected data to the Cloudfarms web application, allowing farm management to seamlessly receive, aggregate, and compare real-time production reports from all operating sites.

"At JBS Live Pork, we know that accurate and timely information are key drivers to optimize our decision-making and help us 'win the day,'" says PJ Corns, director of sow production at JBS Live Pork. "Thanks to the Cloudfarms software our staff can now more efficiently record, process and utilize data from our over 175,000 sows in the U.S. The instant multi-site reports will give us real-time insights on how our farms are performing and where to focus our farm managers' attention on in daily production. At the same time, the technology is intuitive to use and does not require extensive technical know-how by our staff."

Saving farm workers valuable time, the fully cloud-based solution also helps to tackle another challenge of U.S. pork production. "Traditionally, the pig industry is very labor intensive. However, farmers increasingly have a hard time finding enough qualified staff. This is where our technology can help by substantially reducing the documentation effort for multi-site pork production with it supporting staff to manage their workload more efficiently," says Jens Toppenberg, managing director at Cloudfarms.

To connect the Swine Management Solution with existing IT structure Cloudfarms enables both standard and custom integrations to third party data systems. For JBS, an integration with their financial system was custom-developed, so that the production data from Cloudfarms flows automatically into their financial system.

"We are proud to serve JBS and make a contribution to their ambition of harvesting the full value of data," adds Toppenberg.      

Cloudfarms is a global leader in data management of pig production, covering the full line from breeding over farrowing to weaning and finishing. Multi-site pig producers in over 40 countries already use the Cloudfarms Pig Management System in their daily operations.

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