Book offers readers a unique snapshot of agri-food in mid-evolution.

January 26, 2023

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Aidan Connolly of AgriTech Capital has released a new book, titled, "The Future of Agriculture." The book is a collection of essays reflecting the challenges and trends in a rapidly changing agriculture, from a pragmatic and practical perspective.

The aim is to offer information that will help readers from a range of backgrounds to

  • Identify innovations and technologies to protect, maintain and prudently deploy limited resources.

  • Map technological innovation to produce products to meet the health and nutrition needs of a burgeoning population.

  • Ensure that their operation evolves in ways that will also ensure the sustainability of the planet’s natural resources.

Chapters include coverage of robotics, augmented reality, 3D printing, IoT, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, insect farming, cellular meats, nutrigenomics, CRISPR gene editing, vertical farming and food waste.

The focus is on practical answers and specific examples, innovative ideas and new concepts, and thought leadership across a rich array of technologies. Sorted by both technologies and species, with local examples and a global perspective, it offers readers a unique snapshot of agri-food in mid-evolution, providing insight, context and framing for the coming changes.

"The Future of Agriculture" can be downloaded for free here.

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