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Aug. 31 was International Bacon Day!

Aug. 31 was International Bacon Day!

The Labor Day weekend is considered by many to be the end of the carefree days of summer. In honor of this milestone, many people across the United States fired up the grill and made the most of the occasion. There must have been a lot of people thinking ahead to the pork that was going to await them prior to the holiday weekend, because some very interesting meat-related stories made the news just before Labor Day. The top attention-grabber for me was the proclamation that Aug. 31 was International Bacon Day!

Bacon’s sizzling popularity means there is no shortage to the bacon-infused, wrapped and simulated products available on the market.  It’s no wonder we need an entire day to celebrate! There are sizable bacon festivals on both coasts. If you happened to be in California, you could have popped in on the San Diego Bacon Fest. Apparently this is a pretty big deal, because a ticket to this event costs $60 and you could have signed up for a weekly newsletter related to the event. Meanwhile, on the opposite coast, you could have purchased attendance packages including the “Triple Bypass Package” of “taste tickets” for $50 if you planned to attend the Baconfest VA in Roanoke.

 If you missed International Bacon Day, the Web site offers a “top ten list” of ways to celebrate bacon (and it looks to me like the list could be implemented on almost any given day, really).  Visit the site for more specifics, but the list includes the following suggestions:

10. Cure your own bacon.

9. Eat bacon with every meal.

8. Join Bacon of the Month Club

7. Introduce a vegetarian to vegetarian “bacon” products

6. Make bacon-infused bourbon.

5. Cook a recipe from the “Bacon Nation” cookbook.

4. Make a bacon dessert.

3. Throw a bacon tasting party.

2. Create your own bacon recipe.

1. Attend a bacon festival.

So did you hear that Ford Motor Company now offers custom bacon graphics that can be installed on the new Ford Fiesta? The custom exterior vinyl graphic wraps are produced by Ford Custom Graphics, along with 3M Original Wraps, and quite literally make your car look bacon-wrapped. So are you interested?  More details can be found at

Now that you are in the “bacon mood,” and just in case you weren’t prepared to mobilize for the Aug. 31 bacon-related celebrations, you can pull out your calendar and circle Oct. 19 on your calendar and plan your trip to Ames, IA. The Iowa State University Bacon Expo will be held on that date in the Scheman Building Courtyard at the Iowa State Center from 1-5 p.m. Event organizers say vendors will be on hand with hundreds of pounds of bacon samples. The goal of the event is to provide an alcohol-free, fun atmosphere for bacon enthusiasts and showcase the student organizations and educational opportunities in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University. I have a teenager myself, and I’m feeling a strong urge for a college visit!

In the meantime remember, every day is bacon day if you are pork industry supporter!

Do you have additional thoughts about bacon? What did you do to celebrate International Bacon Day? Do you have any comments to add to the mix? Leave your stories or thoughts in the “comments” section below, or email [email protected].

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