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Sortall Revolution Computerized Large Pen Finishing System

Schick Enterprises

The Sortall System by Schick Enterprises is a total hog management system in which the entire hog operation is computer-controlled based on a predetermined timeline of scheduled events. Producers can pre-program sorting parameters to occur at optimal times. A completely automated sorting process means the movement of gates and penning of hogs all occur automatically. One computer can control an unlimited number of gates and scales. This is accomplished through a simple network database. Producers have access to organized data including real time average daily gains, market projections using the Purdue University Model, graphs of weight distribution and growth rate tracking based on past and present data. The database also provides up-to-date population information such as minimum, maximum and average weights plus mortality rates broken down into deaths and culled hogs. Sortall System scales are designed to capture 1,000 weights per second. During the automated sorting process, Smart Gates ensure hogs are not caught or trapped.

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Visit Booth No. 2360-2361 CB at World Pork Expo.

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