Unplanted Acres Raise Concerns for Harvest

At 3.411 million acres, the number of acres on which planting was prevented for corn in 2013, is the highest figure in the past three years, according to the Daily Livestock Report published today.

The data from the USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) indicates that the prevented-planting acres constitute 3.7% of the total estimated acres where corn was not planted. But it accounts for larger percentages in six states that planted more than one million acres of corn. FSA lists 1.23 million acres as unplanted in Iowa and Minnesota alone. The 16 states that planted one million or more acres of corn this year account for 90% of all corn acres and account for 3.6% of prevented planting on intended acres.

The story was less serious for intended soybeans with 2.2% of total acres listed by FSA’s August data as prevented planting. This included 3% of intended acres not planted to soybeans in Minnesota and a whopping 8.9% not planted in North Dakota.

In fact, more than 900,000 acres of corn and soybeans went unplanted in North Dakota and 1.445 million acres of wheat acres did not get planted. Read more of this report at www.dailylivestockreport.com.


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