NPPC Approves Delegate Resolutions


Sixteen states submitted a resolution for a comprehensive study of sow housing, which was approved by delegates to the board of directors of the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) during Pork Forum held last week in Denver, CO.

The resolution supports a comprehensive study and evaluation of current housing options through a thorough evaluation of existing literature and determination if addition research is required.

The review will rely on leading experts in the areas of animal well-being, animal science and veterinary medicine. The findings will be submitted to the delegates at the 2014 National Pork Industry Forum.

NPPC delegates also passed resolutions that:

·        Encourage cooperation among all segments of the food chain to develop workable, sustainable guidelines that take into account food security, economic, ethical and environmental issues from the farm to the table.

·        Oppose any federally mandated animal production systems.

·        Work with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Food Safety and Inspection Service to resolve the pig welfare issues that develop when inspectors hold slaughter plant operations without warning.

·        Work with the Risk Management Agency to develop a risk management tool to protect producers against a catastrophic event caused by the outbreak of a foreign animal disease.

·        Encourage packers to offer electronic funds transfer as a form of payment for market hogs.

·        Support parents’ rights on determining work endeavors on farms that are appropriate for children and support programs and organizations that actively involve youth in agriculture.

·        Support approval and use of technology that allows continued and potentially expanded use of coal, fossil fuels and high-capacity transmission lines.

·        Work to eliminate distance restrictions, utilize weight limits per road traveled and secure clear exemptions from federal transportation rules for farmers hauling their own property. 

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