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Webinar focuses on seasonal infertility challenges

Merck Animal Health and National Hog Farmer team up to bring “Seasonal Strategies to Maximize Breeding Herd Potential” webinar.

The heat of summer is upon us, and hog producers know the importance of keeping their livestock comfortable. Heat stress brings with it various production headaches producers need to contend with, and one of those is seasonal swine infertility challenges. Leveraging gilt potential and meeting breeding targets are keys to a well-run sow farm.

For that reason, Merck Animal Health and National Hog Farmer are teaming up to bring you the webinar “Seasonal Strategies to Maximize Breeding Herd Potential” 1 p.m. (Central) July 12. During this webinar, Merck Animal Health will provide you with management options and strategies to help optimize your breeding herd’s performance now and throughout the year.

James Lehman, DVM, MS, Merck Animal Health technical services veterinarian, will lead the discussion, and National Hog Farmer Senior Staff Writer Kevin Schulz will moderate the one-hour webinar. Lehman will review the sow reproductive cycle, and how commercially available products work to induce the heat cycle and synchronize estrus. He will also discuss considerations for gilt and sow management practices and suggestions about when (and when not) to use therapies to maximize breeding herd performance.

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Register even if you are unable to attend. All registrants will be sent a link to the webinar archive so you can view it at your own convenience.

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