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product news

Xpress Bench Scale

Mettler Toledo announces its Xpress Bench Scale line. The scales, consisting of more than a dozen variations, help producers check weights with complete accuracy. The line is available in two versions: the Xpress Economy, with capacities ranging from 60 to 600 lb.; and the Xpress Standard, ranging from 5 to 500 lb. All models have stainless steel construction and an LED display.
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New Boar Lines

PIC introduces the PIC 380 AI boar and the PIC 365NS hybrid boar. The PIC 380 is the first sire line combining traits of the AI PIC 337G boar and the PIC 280M boar. The PIC 380 progeny offers excellent daily gain and feed conversion rates to heavier slaughter weights, with superior survivability and optimal primal yields. The PIC 380 is also a reliable boar in stud with a strong libido and high viable sperm output. The PIC 365NS hybrid boar is built with PIC genes, exclusively for natural service breeding. Delivered by partner Ledger Swine Farms, a selection index emphasizes feet and leg structure, ensuring a full lifetime of genetic performance. The PIC 365NS is offered in three genetic classifications.
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Professional Injectors

Dosmatic U.S.A./International, Inc. announces the MiniDos professional line of non-electrical, water-driven proportional injectors. These injectors feature higher operating pressure, higher flow rates, reduced pressure loss, improved mixing and enhanced overall chemical compatibility. The MiniDos also uses the reliable Dosmatic motor as well as user friendly, accurate and dependable lower-dosage assembly.
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Auto Sorter

Sorting Systems Inc. introduces its two-way and three-way Supreme Sorters. The sorters are accurate, durable and easy to use. The scale features automatic startup, easy-to-read text menus, large digital weight readouts and 100% accurate sorting. It sorts pigs in up to six groups, with Excel-ready data recorded on removable data cards. The Supreme Sorters allow producers to feed pigs by group and weight, feed up to three different rations, and ensure uniform shipping weights to maximize packer premiums.
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Single Gas Monitor

The GasBadge Plus from Industrial Scientific Corporation provides low-cost, personal protection from dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, nitrogen dioxide or sulfur dioxide with a number of high-end features. The monitor is very durable and resistant to water and radio frequency interference, and has a large LCD display, which includes backlighting for ease of visibility. The GasBadge Plus uses international graphic symbols for easy operation and can be configured to display gas readings in percent, by volume, or in parts per million. The instrument's two-button interface provides intuitive navigation and setup, which can be password-protected for added security. The monitor is lightweight (2.5 oz.) and has a top-mounted sensor, allowing it to be worn with a variety of clip attachments or placed in a shirt pocket.
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New Record-Keeping Tool

Allflex announces an online tool that allows producers to download tag numbers automatically and import them into existing electronic record-keeping systems. By visiting, producers can enter tag identification numbers into their computerized record-keeping systems. The online tool works with Allflex Half Duplex or Full Duplex EID tags.
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Training Aids

Carthage Veterinary Service (CVS) Ltd. has developed two interactive series called the Training Toolboxes. The educational CD-ROM sets, including the Farrowing Toolbox and the Breeding Toolbox, are designed to help swine system managers increase the skills and knowledge of farm employees and improve performance in the barn. Both Training Toolbox sets include several CD-ROMs with lessons narrated by a CVS veterinarian. The lessons use photos, illustrations, animations and videos to emphasize key information. Each lesson concludes with an interactive quiz. Individual scores can be tracked so managers can monitor employees' use of the training series and performance. The CDs work in personal computers equipped with Windows 98 or above.
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Chromium Propionate

Kemin Industries has received approval from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to market its KemTRACE brand chromium propionate for swine. The approval in Canada includes specific claims for improved average daily gain. Animal research has shown KemTRACE to be a highly bioavailable source of organic chromium. The product will be distributed in Canada by Agri Marketing Corp., Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec. This is the first source of chromium to be approved in Canada for applications in pork production.
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