Visually the gilt needs to be sound from the beginning because that is one characteristic that will not improve over the animalrsquos lifetime
Tim Friedel and Steve Horton of Thomas Livestock
Sow Housing
3 D image of pig
The worst thing that can happen is a hog farm taking a hit on a disease outbreak such as porcine epidemic diarrhea virus at a time when it is mild enough that it has no market impact Steve Meyer says In 2014 the market impact outweighed the cost of the disease outbreak From a market strategy standpoint it will be advantageous to take all measures to avoid a disease outbreak on the farm this winterReevaluating the farmrsquos biosecurity plan should be a normal routine A complete assessment o
Nursery Piglets
Veterinarian working with pigs
large litter of piglets nursing on a sow
pigs in an outside lot