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This Week in Agribusiness - February 10, 2018

Max Armstrong and Mike Adams talk farm bill, research funding, Keck-Gonnerman tractors, and even get an inside look at a modern veal operation

Note: Start the video and all parts will play through as the full show

Part 1

Max Armstrong and Mike Adams open the show with some thoughts on the farm bill, and the work ahead to reach a new agreement. Max talks with Kevin Kester, president, National Cattelemen's Beef Association, which has a number of 'asks' including ag research. Max and Mike talks markets with Dr. Michael Cordonnier,

Part 2

Max Armstrong and Mike Adams continue their market Dr. Michael Cordonnier, Agricultural Meteorologist Greg Soulje looks at weather for the Western United States. Max visits with Sean Arians, product marketing lead, The Climate Corporation, and Jason Lay, producer, about the collection of data on the farm and visualizing information.

Part 3

Max Armstrong and Mike Adams open with an interesting story from the Half Century of Progress including the Keck-Gonnerman Tractors with a collector. And they feature a look at an old Caterpillar tractor pulling two five bottom plows during the Half Century of Progress event. And Max shares his Tweet of the Week sharing a look at a family caring for calves…in the house.

Part 4

Max Armstrong and Mike Adams open this segment with a report from Max who spoke with Harry Knobbe about the state of the cattle industry and what there is to learn from the past. Ag Meteorologist Greg Soulje looks at weather for the Eastern United States. Max Armstrong tells the story of a 1954 Massey-Harris 44, including some very nice tires on a machine restored by the Littlestown FFA, Littlestown, Penn.

Part 5

Max Armstrong and Mike Adams talk about Mike is doing next. He's starting a new show on the American Ag Network called Adams on Agriculture. The new program will focus on ag policy, the farm bill, trade, infrastructure and more.


Part 6

Mike Adams profiles Lone Star FFA, Otis, Colo., on the eastern plains close to both the Kansas and Nebraska borders. Member Riata Day shares information about the fundraising efforts the group does to support their work. In Samuelson Sez, Orion Samuelson shares his thoughts on the State of the Union. Ag Meteorologist Greg Soulje looks at weather for the week ahead.

Part 7

This week's show wraps up with a report from Jamie Johansen with an inside look at the milk-fed veal industry and how those animals are cared for and raised.

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