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This Week in Agribusiness - December 24, 2016

Orion Samuelson and Max Armstrong offer a Christmas special episode with a look back at visits to three churches with music from all three, and other special features for the holiday.

Part 1

In a special Christmas episode, This Week in Agribusiness, brings a retrospective of music and reflection from three country churches. Orion Samuelson hosts this special episode, which features highlights of previous broadcasts including First United Methodist Church, Batavia, Ill.; Shepherd of the Prairie Lutheran Church, Huntley, Ill.; and First United Methodist Church, DeKalb, Ill. The first music is from First United Methodist Church, DeKalb, Ill., "O Come All Ye Faithful." Next up is a children's choir from the Shepherd of the Prairie Church, with "Calypso Lullaby". And Orion talks with Pastor Mark Boster at Shephard of the Prairie Church about that congregation.

Part 2

Orion Samuelson offers music from the stone church, First United Methodist Church, Batavia, where the choir sings "O Come, O Come Emmanuel." Orion talks with Pastor Mike Stoner at the Batavia church about its congregation, its work and the fact that it started in the middle of farm country and now it's based "in town." And the bell choir from the Batavia church, which presents the "Trumpet Fanfare."

Part 3

Orion Samuelson continues this retrospective of Christmas services from three church's visited in the past. In this segment, Pastor Mark Boster, Shepard of the Prairie Church, shares the Christmas story along with music.

Part 4

Orion Samuelson shares music from the Northern University Illinois Chamber Choir, which shared "In the Bleak Midwinter" with the congregants of the First United Methodist Church, DeKalb. Orion also talked with Pastor Paul Judd, First United Methodist Church, DeKalb, about that congregation's history.

Part 5

In this segment, Orion Samuelson features the children's choir from the First United Methodist Church of Batavia, Ill. They offer "The Little Drummer Boy."

Part 6

Max Armstrong shares the story of a unique program that brings together Christmas and the honoring of veterans. The Wreathes Across America program where farmers deliver wreathes to national cemeteries where they are laid on veteran's graves. Orion Samuelson turns to the choir of the First United Methodist Church, Dekalb, which sings "Joy to the World."

Part 7

Orion Samuelson shares the traditional closing of this Christmas show in a special way. Shepard of the Prairie Choir starts in German with "Silent Night" and then the First United Methodist Church of Dekalb choir will finish in English.

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