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Max Armstrong talks about Sister Jean and her Loyola basketball team. (audio)

Have you had one of those teeth rattling pothole experiences? At Omaha, Neb., crews were out with brine experience more than normal, which has caused bumper crop of potholes.

In the Ohio River Valley, farmers aren’t able to get in the field. Conversely, in recent days, he’s heard from farmers in Southern Plains who have picked up rain after long dry spell.

This just isn’t fair, the Michigan Wolverives coach says it’s like they have to defeat God, well not God, but one of God’s more dedicated servants. A 98-year-old nun named Sister Jean Delores. She wears Nike sneakers with her name on the heels and is the team’s chaplain. She wears backwards baseball cap and team jacket. Michigan has to beat all that. He says Noah had an easier task.

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