Pigs in a finishing barn
Pigs eating in a finishing barn
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Freking, whose family-run operation markets 1.4 million hogs annually and owns nearly 60,000 sows in seven states, shared his perspective on the virus that some say has reached “pandemic proportions."
Wesley Lyons of Pipestone Veterinary Services conducted a swine vet lab with the students at a wean-finish pig barn. The interaction at both farms capped off a successful trip.
The top five in the senior showmanship division at the 2019 Bob Hines Swine Classic are (left to right) Alya Arana, James DeRouchey, Braden Mai, Abi Lillard and Zane McDougal.
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Murray says this demonstrates the quality of the student projects that are accomplished by up and coming AASV members.
Graduation cap on stack of dollar bills.