USDA Comments on EPA Action Allowing Use of E15

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack commented on today’s announcement by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) allowing use of E15 in model year 2001 and newer passenger vehicles:

“Today, the last significant federal hurdle has been cleared to allow consumers to buy fuel containing up to 15% ethanol (E15). This gets us one step closer to giving the American consumer a real choice at the pump. The public has a right to choose between imported oil and home-grown energy and today's action by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advances that goal.

“Today's action demonstrates that the Obama administration is making good on its commitment to work to reduce foreign oil imports and increase domestic energy production, including production of renewable biofuels.

“In addition, the EPA has fulfilled its responsibility to the American public to ensure that E15 is a safe and reliable fuel. Home-grown biofuels are providing sustainable rural jobs that cannot be exported. Today's action proves yet again that renewable biofuels are not a dream of the future, but are a reality, and are making a difference today."

To read more about the EPA's announcement see:


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