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Nutrient management plans are all about planning performance and protection
<p> The &ldquo;three P&rsquo;s&rdquo; of a nutrient management plan are: plan, performance and protection.</p>

The Three P’s of an NMP

If it helps to visualize it, the nutrient management plan (NMP) can be arranged along three tracks: the “three P’s” of plan, performance and protection.

1.  The “plan” part is what it says: the manure your animals produce, how you will collect, store and land-apply it, and how you will match the plant fertilizer in the manure to your cropping system’s needs.

2.  “Performance” is records of what actually happened. This includes manure and soil sample analyses, hauling records, inspections of storages and equipment, etc.

3.             An emergency response plan is the “protection” part of your plan. There are several good emergency response plan templates available to producers, but remember that every farm is different; your farm needs its own customized emergency response plan. Expand the emergency response plan to include emergencies beyond just the obvious liquid manure spills. Involve employees and managers as you build this part of the plan. Think through possible emergency scenarios and the resources and actions needed for each. The emergency response plan gives you a level of protection against the “show-stoppers” — those accidents, mishaps, quirks of the weather or other scenarios that, without anticipation and foresight, can put you out of business.  


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