Former Dairy Producer Finds Lucrative Niche Market for Composted Manure

An Idaho dairy producer has discovered a lucrative market for composted dairy manure, according to a story in the Capital Press. After he went out of the dairy business in February, Glenn Vander Woude’s relatives encouraged him to sell the composted manure on the retail market. Vander Woude runs the composted manure through a special screener, bags it and then markets it under the name, “Poop—Natural Dairy Compost.” He told the Capital Press that he was initially selling his compost on Craigslist for between $15-$20/cubic yard. Due to the growing demand, now he has been able to sell the product in stores for more than 20 times that amount. Vander Woude was one of four finalists competing for a chance to advertise in a free, 30-second commercial during the 2014 Super Bowl. Read the complete story at the Capital Press website.

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