Petroleum Companies Urged to Increase American Renewable Energy


Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack called on petroleum companies to help increase the percentage of ethanol in America’s gas tanks in order to reduce dependence on foreign oil, boost job creation and promote development of renewable energy from farm-produced feedstocks. 

Secretary Vilsack said, “The availability of E15 will increase America's energy security and spur additional job creation.  When we get to 36 billion gallons, that's going to mean that we will be importing fewer barrels of oil.  That means that the wealth that we are currently transferring into those countries that don't necessarily agree with us and are from an unstable part of the world can be redirected into creating rural opportunities and jobs.” 

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) requires the use of 36 billion gallons of renewable transportation fuel by 2022.  Advanced, low-carbon renewable fuels, such as cellulosic biofuel, must make up 21 billion gallons of the mandate.

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