Over 250 Groups Want a Comprehensive Farm Bill

Over 250 national and state farm groups have told the farm bill conference committee they support a new five-year farm bill that maintains current permanent law and includes a nutrition title.  In a letter to the conferees, the groups said, “For decades, the threat of reinstatement of the long-outdated policies of the 1938 and 1949 acts have served as strong motivation for Congress to enact new farm bills.  Repealing those acts and making the 2013 farm bill commodity title permanent law could make it difficult to generate sufficient political pressure to adjust the commodity safety net provisions should conditions in production agriculture change.” 

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The letter also reminded the conferees that programs covering conservation, forestry, research, energy, rural development, horticulture, trade, etc. would face difficulty in the future without the current permanent law.  Those signing the letter included the American Farm Bureau Federation, National Farmers Union, American Farmland Trust, Ducks Unlimited, Farm Credit Council, National Association of Conservation Districts, Pheasants Forever, The Nature Conservancy, etc. 


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