Groups Urge Congress to Keep COOL

Ninety-seven agriculture, rural, labor and faith-based organizations are asking the farm bill conference committee to reject any changes to the current Country-of-Origin Labeling (COOL) requirements.  The groups said in a letter to the conferees that proposed changes being floated would fail to “remedy the critique of the WTO dispute panels because it would perpetuate consumer deception.” 


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They also said, “The powerful meatpacker and poultry industry lobby have tried to delay and derail these rules since they were first included in the 2002 Farm Bill and again in the 2008 Farm Bill.”  Those signing the letter included Center for Rural affairs, Consumer Federation of America, Food & Water Watch, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, National Farmers Union, and R-CALF USA.  COOL continues to be an issue to be determined by the farm bill conference.

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