Chef Formichella says the Pork Movement has Arrived

Chef Formichella says the Pork Movement has Arrived

The pork movement is hot and happening, meaning pork has become the “it” protein according to Chef Michael Formichella in today’s “Chef’s Table” blog on the Web site. He says a combination of marketing prowess, economic factors and, well, bacon, have helped build pork demand.

Formichella knows what he’s talking about when it comes to food trends. As President and co-owner of Chella Foods, Formichella uses his 40+ years of culinary experience to direct food product development – from creating ideas, conducting research and development through the introduction of new products into the marketplace. According to his bio on the Web site, he has created menu solutions for many of the top 200 national foodservice operators. Prior to launching Chella Foods, Formichella was senior vice president and chief operating officer of Smithfield Innovation Group, a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods.

He says when he used to try to interest foodservice executives in selling more pork he would typically get the same answer, “Personally I love pork, but it just doesn’t sell.”

Formichella says attitudes toward pork have been changing in the wake of the 2008 economic recession in the United States. “Pork has become a more viable protein and a better value proposition not just for retail and foodservice operations but also in a broader sense more attractive overall financially,” he writes. “The explosion of bacon, bacon and more bacon has helped tremendously in the pork movement. I also give credit to better marketing efforts in this segment or channel of business.” He sees concepts like  the BBQ craze and all-day breakfast as helping to increase pork demand as well.

“We used to say, “A day without pork is a day without sunshine,” Formichella says. He is asking his readers to weigh in on whether or not they are eating more pork, and why. Stay tuned to find out more. In the meantime, enjoy pork’s day in the sun.

Read Formichella’s blog post on the Web site here.

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