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Canadian Pork Council addresses climate change with Senate committee

National Pork Board Sun setting behind a hog farm
“Pork producers are dedicated to protecting the environment,” Normand Martineau says. “Like all Canadians, we care about safeguarding the nation’s resources for future generations.”

Source: Canadian Pork Council
The Canadian Pork Council was in Ottawa today to address Senate Standing Committee on Agriculture and Forestry about its study on the potential impact of climate change on the agriculture, agri-food and forestry sectors.

Second vice chair Normand Martineau spoke on behalf of Canada’s hog producers, and outlined some of the sector’s activities related to protecting the environment. He further identified opportunities for government and industry to work together and noted how the tax on carbon is a concern for producers.

“Pork producers are dedicated to protecting the environment,” he says. “Like all Canadians, we care about safeguarding the nation’s resources for future generations.” By adopting practices that have improved animal health and enhanced animal nutrition and decreased energy usage, pork producers are now producing more pork with a much smaller environmental footprint.

Martineau did stress however; that we must take caution not to disadvantage producers. The introduction of a carbon tax that places producers at a competitive disadvantage may simply result in a loss of local production and an increase in imports. This will not mitigate climate change.

The CPC believes the government and industry can partner in a number of areas including developing practical improvements in Canadian hog barns that will lead to further efficiencies. “High-performance facilities can improve animal performance, reduce environmental impact and decrease the impact of seasonal variability through uniting design, construction, control and monitoring,” Martineau says. By working together, industry and government can help producers overcome the barriers that make it a challenge to implement these new technologies.

The CPC serves as the national voice for hog producers in Canada. A federation of nine provincial pork industry associations, the organization’s purpose is to play a leadership role in achieving and maintaining a dynamic and prosperous Canadian pork sector.

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