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Biosecurity Measures Need to be Put in Place for Swine Show Season

With the spread of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) across the nation, there is a heightened-awareness about the necessity for strict biosecurity measures, especially when pigs come together at events such as auctions, weigh-ins and pig shows.

When the pigs have the chance to interact with one another at the shows, the risk of spreading PEDV can be increased, but it that risk can be minimized through proper biosecurity procedures.

The Pork Checkoff has created several resources for swine show organizers, as well as swine exhibitors, to help them minimize the risk of their livestock contracting or spreading PEDV.

The recommednations listed in the Swine Health Recommendations: Biosecurity for Organizers of Weigh-in or Tagging Events may be applied to all swine commingling events at centralized locations and to other pigs that are physically on the premises. Organizers and advisors scheduling commingled pig events should assess each situation and the associated risks to pig health.  The Pork Checkoff recommends that event organizers should strive to have a plan in place to manage pigs form many different loactions and to handle sick pigs properly. This planning will help reduce the chance of disease spread. 


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The recommendations listed in Swine Health Recommendations: Exhibitors of All Pigs Going to Exhibits or Sales apply to all swine at an exhibit or sale that are physically on the premise. Having a plan in place to identify and handle sick animals properly will help reduce the chance of disease spread. This resource focuses on tasks such as identifying sick pigs, taking a pig's temperature, health certificate requirements and best practices for returning home.

For organizers of exhibitions and sales having a plan in place to identify and handle sick animals properly will help reduce the chance of disease spread. A detailed outline of biosecurity measures will help prevent spread of PEDV and other swine illness. Use Swine Health Recommendations: Organizers of Exhibitions and Sales as a resource to assist you in planning your exhibition or sale.

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