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3 things you will learn during the next Pork Checkoff webinar

Factors affecting the injection quality include the age and size of the pig restraint method volume viscosity or flow characteristics of the product and the proper route of administration
Invest in your team and set aside one hour Sept. 7 for a fact-filled webinar.

Successful hog farmers all agree their secret is investing in people. A team of passionate, knowledgeable pig caregivers will go the extra mile if they feel valued and confident in their skills. One great way to invest in your employees is providing various educational opportunities.  

So set aside one hour Sept. 7, gather the team and log in to an informational webinar provided by the Pork Checkoff and hosted by National Hog Farmer. It will only cost your time and brain power.

Here are three things your team will learn during the “How to Prevent Broken Needles: Protecting People, Pigs and Pork” webinar.

  1. Research insight: Why is it so important to stay vigilant about preventing broken needles in pigs? Laura Bachmeier, National Pork Board director of Pork Safety, and Steven Hoff, Iowa State University professor of Ag and Biosystems Engineering, will discuss the research behind better injection techniques.
  2. Practical insight: Emily Erickson, New Fashion Pork, brings the practical, on-farm aspect to the session. She trains many employees on the best practices of injection methods that make it better for people, pigs and the pork that goes to consumers. Erickson is on the farm and understands the real challenges of employees. She will inspire you to evaluate the farm’s current practices and develop solid broken-needle prevention protocols.
  3. Packer insight: As a bonus, webinar participants will hear straight from a representative from a major U.S. packer and the opportunity to ask questions before the session wraps up.

I hope you join us on Sept. 7, and have your questions ready. As the moderator, I look forward to the healthy discussion. 

Don’t forget to register today, and National Hog Farmer will send you a reminder!

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