End of a hog barn with a wall of fans
New barn, new opportunities
Fat, oxidation and the swine diet
Trade show floor of World Pork Expo 2018
Hog Slat Sales Director Fritz Richards (far left) explains to New Product Tour judges (left to right) Brad Leuwerke, Gary Anderson and Pat Thome how the Poly Feed Bin Lid can be retrofitted to most existing feed bins.
Kevin Thorne, far right, reinforces the importance of controlling fly populations around hog barns to New Product Tour judges (left to right) Brad Leuwerke, Pat Thome and Gary Anderson
Dan Wagner (second from left) with Fasten Solutions explains the versatility and adaptability of the Krate Klip to the New Product Tour judges panel of Gary Anderson, Pat Thome and Brad Leuwerke. Jerry Karp (second from right) with Fasten Solutions and National Hog Farmer’s Kevin Schulz (far left) listen in.
Michael Osborne, AAF Flanders vice president of global research & development (far left) explains the intricacies of the Sensor 360 filtration monitoring system to the New Product Tour judges Gary Anderson, Brad Leuwerke and Pat Thome.
National Hog Farmer Staff Writer Kevin Schulz, right, presents a commemorative print to Steve Pittman, sales manager for Bazooka FarmStar, honoring the Full Throttle Outlaw being awarded the Producers' Choice award by World Pork Expo attendees.