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#RealPigFarming Challenge starts May 2

More and more consumers are asking how pigs are being raised and the best person to explain it or better yet show them is you, the pork producers. The Pork Checkoff’s #RealPigFarming campaign has given real hog farmers the ability to invite the public inside the hog barns virtually and tell their stories through different social media platform. 

“We want to empower producers to have meaningful, impactful conversations on social media with consumers about what happens on their farms,” says Claire Masker, public relations manager for the Checkoff. “The hashtag (#) before RealPigFarming helps people search social media posts with the same phrase, making it easier for them to follow conversations.”

Since the launch of the famous hashtag, pork producers have embraced the opportunity to share their stories and you can too. National Hog Farmer is encouraging all hog farmers to continue the great work on telling the stories and sharing pictures of real pig farming. 

Starting May 2, the National Hog Farmer team will be following the #RealPigFarming conversation on all the social media platforms and selecting five top posts of the week with one being chosen as the Champion social media post. So, we challenge you to get creative but stay true to telling the great stories about modern pork production.

Participation is easy. Keep sharing your real pig farming stories on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using the #RealPigFarming  hashtag. The National Hog Farmer team will be watching closely and picking the best of the best each week in May (Saturday will start the new week). Winners will be announced weekly in a special gallery.

So like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and frequently visit the website for the big announcement on which #RealPigFarming post received the top honor each week.

Thank you to Pork Checkoff and the National Pork Board for allowing us to share in the #RealPorkFarming experience.

Visit #RealPigFarming blog to read great stories first-hand from U.S. hog farmers.

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