Tyson Foods Responds to Citizen’s Petition

Tyson Foods, Inc. has issued this response to the citizen’s petition sent by consumer watchdog group SumOfUs.org and The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) demanding the company develop plans to stop pork suppliers from using gestation crates.

“We recognize our responsibility to motivate continuous improvements throughout the food chain. We’re committed to humane animal treatment at all stages of food production and we expect the same from farms that supply us with livestock.

“Earlier this year, we called on the hog farming industry to accelerate research into improved housing and production practices. This research should be completed as soon as possible to address questions and market demands.

“Tyson buys hogs from thousands of family farms, many of whom have individual sow housing, some of whom have group pen sow housing. Experts believe both housing systems are humane for the sows when managed properly. As our customers provide consumers with choices, we will continue to work to meet those needs.”

The statement was prepared by Worth Sparkman, manager  of Public Relations for Tyson Foods Inc.



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