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Canadian Pork Council supportive of antimicrobial resistance plan

Article-Canadian Pork Council supportive of antimicrobial resistance plan

The Canadian Pork Council supports the government of Canada in taking action on antimicrobial resistance.  

The Canadian Pork Council supports the Government of Canada in taking action on antimicrobial resistance.  Health Canada intends to introduce regulatory amendments that will better align Canadian oversight on the importation of veterinary drugs for own use and active pharmaceutical ingredients with other countries.

"The announcement from Health Canada supports the direction the hog industry has already taken through its on-farm CQA program", saysRick Bergmann, chair of the Canadian Pork Council and a hog producer from Manitoba.   "This will move voluntary industry action to regulatory oversight." 

The Canadian pork industry has long recognized the importance of proper and judicious use of antimicrobials.  Through the national CQA program which has been in place since 1998, producers follow best practices on antimicrobial use, work with herd health veterinarians and keep records on medication use.   Regulatory requirements are not only met, but exceeded under the program.

At the same time, the hog industry understands that more can be done.  Enhanced surveillance systems to monitor antimicrobial use and resistance, attention to alternatives, and continued focus on prudent use are critical elements.

The Canadian Pork Council backs the objectives of the federal government to prevent, limit, and control the emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance.  The industry recognizes that new regulatory approaches will be coming, and will work with governments to see that antimicrobials needed to protect both human and animal health continue to be available and effective.

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