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Farrowing house scours topic of upcoming webinar

Sow in their stalls in the farrowing room National Pork Board
Hour-long "Addressing Farrowing House Scours — Field and Lab Perspectives" webinar will be 1 p.m. Central Dec. 5.

Farrowing house scours continue to be a recurring issue on sow farms today. There are a variety of pathogens involved, and new ones continue to emerge. There will be discussion in an upcoming webinar about the infectious agents associated with neonatal diarrhea, clinical presentations and diagnostic considerations for managing the issues in the herd.

The hour-long "Addressing Farrowing House Scours — Field and Lab Perspectives" webinar will be 1 p.m. Central Dec. 5.

Matthew Sturos and Paul Thomas will discuss the different causes, case presentations, and treatment and control options of farrowing house scours.

Sturos is a diagnostic pathologist at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. He earned his DVM in 2012 and practiced mixed-animal medicine prior to returning to the University of Minnesota to complete a residency in veterinary pathology.

He currently provides food animal diagnostic pathology services to UMN VDL clients throughout the United States. His diagnostic and research interests include the transmission, pathogenesis and prevention of infectious diseases in food animals.

Thomas is an associate veterinarian with AMVC Management Services and an instructor with the Swine Medicine Education Center at Iowa State University's College of Veterinary Medicine. Thomas received a bachelor of science in Animal Science (2009) and DVM (2013) from Iowa State University; and an MS in Veterinary Preventive Medicine (2015) in conjunction with a post-doctoral fellowship at the SMEC.

Thomas is responsible for health and production management at multiple sow farms within the AMVC system, supports AMVC grow-finish health in Iowa, and provides consultation services to clients outside of the AMVC system. He also continues to work with the SMEC as an instructor of veterinary students and swine industry stakeholders from across the United States and globally.

Thomas was awarded the 2019 "Young Swine Veterinarian of the Year" award by the American Association of Swine Veterinarians.

National Hog Farmer Senior Staff Writer Kevin Schulz will moderate this National Hog Farmer webinar that is sponsored by Merck Animal Health.

Click here to register for this Dec. 5 webinar.

This link also gives users access to archived versions of the previous seven webinars in the Science Talks. series. "Addressing Farrowing House Scours — Field and Lab Perspectives" is the last of the webinar series in 2019.

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