Full Genome Sequence of 70 TOPIGS Pigs

Researchers from the Animal Breding and Genomics Group at Wageningen University and TOPIGS recently sequenced the full genome of 70 TOPIGS pigs. As a result of the sequencing, more than 10 million new SNPs have been identified.

The information from this sequencing increases the range of possibilities TOPIGS has to improve and speed up genetic progress within it lines. Having more precise information about the effect of genes and where they are located improves the accuracy of breeding and also makes it possible to breed for new traits.

An international consortium of researchers and sponsors from the breeding industry, including TOPIGS, recently published the complete pig genome sequence in the scientfiic journal Nature. This information provides not only the basis for the genomic selection tools but also for analyses of the TOPIGS pigs' sequences.

For more information, contact Peter Loenen, Communication manager, TOPIGS, at [email protected]