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World Pork Expo New Product Tour

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For the past 18 years, National Hog Farmer magazine has sponsored a program to draw greater attention to the new products and services introduced at World Pork Expo. Each year, exhibitors are invited to nominate new products and services they have introduced to the pork industry since last year’s Expo. National Hog Farmer commissions an independent panel of four experts to review all nominations.

The week before Expo, each panel member receives a packet of all nominations. Each independently gleans through the slate of nominations, selecting those that strike him/her as “the most promising.” On the opening day of World Pork Expo, the four panelists check out those products/services that interest them most, then meet to compare notes and discuss the merits of the various products on their lists. They agree on a slate of products/services they want to discuss with company representatives the next day.

As a group, the foursome sets out on a tour of the trade show to gather more information. At the end of the day, they agree on a slate of “Most Promising Products at World Pork Expo.” Their selections are featured in the July issue of National Hog Farmer.

Because this new product feature has grown in popularity with producers and exhibitors alike, we expanded our coverage of new products slated for introduction at World Pork Expo. Again this year, we are committing to this broader coverage to ensure that all new products have an equal opportunity for exposure to all National Hog Farmer readers, as well as pork producers attending World Pork Expo. Here’s the plan:

  • Each exhibitor at World Pork Expo may nominate new products or services introduced to the pork industry in the last 12 months (see attached form for details). More than one nomination may be submitted.
  • Nominations should include a brief description of the product/service and supportive photos, sketches, illustrations. Submit six copies of all information, including nomination form.
  • A packet of nominations and supportive materials will be sent to each panel member charged with selecting the 2007 class of “most promising products.”
  • Information from each nomination will be condensed into a standardized 2-1/8 x 5-inch new product announcement that will appear in a special insert of the May 15, 2007 National Hog Farmer
  • A complete list of all nominations will be posted on our web site,,where an electronic link to each company’s web site will be provided. Pork producers will be able to gather more information about your product, easily and quickly, via the Internet.
  • Pork producers attending World Pork Expo can bring the special insert from their May issue to serve as a guide to new products, or they can stop by the National Hog Farmer booth (Varied Industries building) to obtain a copy.

To help cover our costs for this extended coverage (printing, postage, web site production, press over-runs, etc.), we are asking for a nominal fee of $650 per entry. (A 1/6-page ad is $1,890 value; see enclosed sample).

Keep in mind, we will write the new product announcement for the special insert, it will be distributed to our full circulation and at World Pork Expo.

To be included in the special insert in the May issue, we must receive your nomination no later than April 10. Remember, only nominated products can be considered for the panel’s selection of the “Most Promising New Products at the 2007 World Pork Expo.” All forms are enclosed.

If you have any questions, please call your sales rep:
Wayne Bollum 952/854-1090
Bill Heffron 952/854-1090
Lisa Peterson 952/851-4705
Jan Ford 805/783-2476
Bill Pullen 405/767-9090
Bret Kealy, Publisher 952/851-4660

View the Nomination Form (Word)