Successful Employee/Employer Relations in the Pork Industry

Successful Employee/Employer Relations in the Pork Industry

Recorded: July 12, 2005
Available: July 18 through October 18, 2005
Duration: 60 minutes
Presented by: National Hog Farmer
Sponsored by: Pork Checkoff, Pfizer Animal Health

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The keys to successful employee/employer relations can often be discovered by taking a close look at where we are as an industry and then developing strategies for continuous improvement. This Webcast takes the necessary first step. It will review data from the fourth Employee/Employer Study—parallel studies have been conducted over a 15-year period—and then feature a panel discussion on real-life strategies that can make the working environment better. Some of the topics to be explored include:

  • What are the trends in employee education levels?
  • How does specialization impact the industry?
  • What is happening to wages?
  • What factors are influencing the pay scale?
  • How has the number of hours worked changed?
  • What role does technology play?
  • How can the work environment be made more appealing?

The Webcast will feature a report of the Employee/Employer survey findings and then offer up responses and real-world practices by noted experts in the field. Moderated by Steve May, National Hog Farmer’s group publisher, the Webcast will include the following participants:
  • Dr. Jim Kliebenstein, Professor of Economics, Iowa State University
  • Sarah Fogelman, Instructor, Southeast Area Extension, Kansas State University
  • Leon Sheets, Owner/President, Ionia Pigs Inc.

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