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Diagnostics Program

Pfizer Animal Health

STOMP PLUS is a new diagnostics program that helps swine veterinarians and producers successfully control disease by devising control strategies that protect herds from disease. STOMP PLUS allows veterinarians to test for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS), mycoplasma pneumonia, swine flu and more by utilizing tissue and blood samples and many other diagnostic techniques. Veterinarians contact a Pfizer representative to initiate and establish the protocol for the program and submit samples for testing. After testing is completed, Pfizer helps assemble and interpret test results, then works with the veterinarian and producer to make recommendations for the most effective management protocol for controlling disease. STOMP PLUS allows testing for multiple diseases at any age or stage of production.

Learn more at, or call 212-733-0913.
Visit Booth Number 162 VI at World Pork Expo.

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