StockWeigh 550 EID System

Animal Weighing and Identification System


Pigs can be weighed, electronic identification tags read and animal records stored to memory in 3-7 seconds with the new StockWeigh 550 EID System. The system will read any ISO RF EID ear tag. Data from up to 1,525 animals can be stored in the system’s indicator memory before being downloaded to a producer’s computer. The information is stored into a CSV file and can be downloaded into any format needed. The StockWeigh 550 EID system includes the Allflex EID wand reader, StockWeigh link software, communication cable, power cable, power supply, versatile ram mount and 10 Allflex EID tags with buttons. The system is covered by a three-year warranty. Load cells are ordered separately, depending on the required capacity.

Learn more at, or call 800-225-7695. Visit Booth No. 2813 CB at World Pork Expo.

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