Sow Lift

Air Lift System

Gro Master, Inc.

The Sow Lift from Gro Master Inc. prevents crushed piglets by elevating the sow while she is standing. A pedal-triggered airlift system immediately raises the sow 10 in. above the creep area when she stands up. The crate is slowly lowered to creep level as soon as the sow lies down. This action prevents piglets from getting underneath the sow and eliminates crushed and maimed pigs. Tests show the Sow Lift with the Crystal Spring farrowing crate increases production by over 1.5 pigs/sow/year. The Sow Lift adapts to nearly any size pit, flooring style and farrowing crate.

Learn more at, or call 800-262-6787. Visit Booth No. 800 VI at World Pork Expo.

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