Vote for the Prettiest Pig in the “Hogs are Beautiful” Photo Contest


The “Prettiest Pig” finalists have been named in the National Hog Farmer “Hogs are Beautiful” Photo Contest!   A panel of editors considered comments from readers while choosing the finalists in the “Prettiest Pig” category.  Now the voting is up to you.

To vote for your favorite pretty pig, click the "Comments" icon on the upper right corner above the picture box. Then, in your comments, refer to your favorite photo according to the number that is displayed farther to the right of the photos in the caption box on this webpage. For example, "I think photo number 1 should be the winner for prettiest pig."

Winners will be announced on Friday, July 20.  See the gallery of “Ugliest Pigs” here.  A photo gallery featuring all of the “Hogs are Beautiful” contest entries can be viewed here. To see a complete list of contest rules, click here.  Thank you to photographers Andrea Wallerman, Susan Wulf, Andrea Durant, Paige Seymore and Alaina Mousel.

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