Missouri Helps Drought-Affected Farmers

Following the tremendous response to an emergency program to help drought-affected farmers, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon announced on July 26, 2012 he is directing another $5 million into the program to supplement the initial $2 million dedicated from the State Soil and Water Reserve Fund.

In the first two days after the governor announced the emergency program, more than 600 Missouri farmers have submitted applications to receive assistance with drilling or deepening water wells or expanding irrigation systems. Already, 33 contracts for water projects have been approved, with an average award of $6,300.

Under this emergency program, 90% of the eligible project cost will be covered. Normal soil and water cost-share programs provide 75% of the project cost, with the landowner covering the remaining 25%. Because of the emergency situation of the drought, applications from farmers for this cost-share program must be submitted by Aug. 6, 2012; submit forms to either the local soil and water district or online to the state of Missouri at www.missouri.gov.

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