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March 2012 New Products Featured in National Hog Farmer

Gallery-March 2012 New Products Featured in National Hog Farmer


Nutrient Management

 SFP has introduced More Than Manure Nutrient Manager, or MTM, the only product designed to protect both phosphorus (P) from lock-up and nitrogen (N) from leaching, denitrification and volatilization in applied manure. MTM maximizes P and N in both dry and liquid manure. Increasing availability of these valuable nutrients can boost yields and improve crop performance. MTM works when added to confinement lagoons or pits, in transportation and application equipment, or when sprayed on manure. When added to a lagoon or pit, MTM can reduce solids and ammonia levels in confinement operations. No special equipment is needed for application through pivots, variable rate applicators or pretreatment in lagoons or pits. MTM is biodegradable, leaves no environmental footprint and is non-toxic to livestock and soil bacteria. To learn more, call (888) 446-4769 or visit



New PRRS Vaccine

Fostera PRRS from Pfizer Animal Health is a modified-live vaccine for growing pigs that adds a new weapon in the costly battle against porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS). Pfizer Animal Health’s research and development team made a significant breakthrough when they created a cell line able to express a newly discovered key receptor protein for the PRRS virus. “With more than half of weaning-age, PRRS-negative pigs becoming infected before going to market, this innovative vaccine option helps growing pigs defend themselves against a PRRS challenge,” says Steve Sornsen, DVM, senior director, Veterinary Business Solutions at Pfizer Animal Health. A challenge study demonstrated that Fostera PRRS, the first and only PRRS vaccine to aid in prevention of PRRS respiratory disease, reduced lung lesions by 84% and reduced overall respiratory clinical signs by 80%. Results also showed vaccination with Fostera PRRS improved average daily gain by 2.5 times compared to pigs in the placebo group. Vaccination is approved for pigs 3 weeks of age and older. Visit or call toll-free (855) 424-7349  .


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