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Circovirus Vaccine Offers Flexible Dosing Capability

Circovirus Vaccine Offers Flexible Dosing Capability


Offering a new standard of protocol flexibility, Fostera PCV is the only porcine circovirus vaccine that can be incorporated into vaccination programs using either two doses or one dose to help prevent porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) viremia and help control lymphoid depletion. “This flexible dosing claim is another example of our commitment to veterinarian and producer customers and our desire to provide them with options for handling protocols that vary from farm to farm,” says Darrell Neuberger, pork technical services veterinarian for Pfizer Animal Health. It has been shown that any amount of PCV2 viremia may negatively impact production, so the goal of vaccination is to reduce the level of virus present. A study demonstrated that vaccination of pigs with two doses of Fostera PCV compared to non-vaccinated pigs helped prevent PCV2 viremia and helped provide protection against PCV2 infection in lymphatic tissues. Specifically, the Fostera PCV vaccine reduced viremia by up to 8,000 times, post-challenge, resulting in 96.8% viremia-free days during the study. Also, lymphatic tissues in vaccinated pigs were negative for PCV2 infection. “Whether you decide to administer two doses or one of Fostera PCV, both options effectively offer a high standard of consistent performance to help protect pigs against this performance-robbing disease,” Neuberger says. The vaccine can be administered two ways: two, 1-ml. doses three weeks apart starting at 3 weeks of age or older, or one, 2-ml. dose at 3 weeks of age or older. For more information, visit or call toll-free (855) 424-7349.

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