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August 2013 National Hog Farmer New Products

Mineral Management Program

Alltech is launching a new mineral management program to help customers feed less organic trace minerals to their hogs and get optimal performance results. Launched at World Pork Expo in June, Alltech’s Total Replacement Technology (TRT) project involves a recently formed global mineral management network to provide solutions and support while introducing a modern nutrition application. The TRT project strives to provide a secure source of organic trace minerals that are contaminant-free and safe for the environment. Alltech’s latest research shows that producers can feed substantially lower amounts of organic trace minerals than inorganic ones, and get similar, if not better, performance in the swine barns. For more information, visit


Heat Stress App for Sows
Purina Animal Nutrition introduces the Heat Stress Manager for Sows app for smartphones. This free tool provides heat stress prevention tips and resources to producers to help them avoid seasonal lulls in production. “Sows can become heat-stressed at temperatures lower than producers may think,” says Vern Pearson, swine nutritionist for Purina Animal Nutrition. “Producers need to look at both the temperature and the humidity inside the facility to determine the potential for heat stress.” The Heat Stress Manager for Sows app features an easy-to-use heat stress calculator to input current temperature and humidity readings. It is recommended that producers install a thermometer and hygrometer in the sow barn to observe these temperatures at the location of the sows. Then, data can be input into the app to determine the severity of the impact of heat stress. The app helps producers make ration and management changes based on the environment in the facility. The mobile app offers management and nutrition tips to deal with heat stress. The app is available to download for Android phones at and for iPhones at


Floor Scale
Avery Weigh-Tronix introduces the Stainless Steel ProDec. The fully stainless-steel floor scale is available in a combination of sizes and capacities, and is ideal for environments that require strict sanitation. These freestandingplatform scales feature adjustable leveling feet for more accurate and leveled weighing. With a low platform height and optional ramps, the scales can be fitted to any side for fast and easy loading, while the tread deck plate provides higher traction and reduces the risk of accidents. Visit


Manure Application Toolbar
The 2013 Coulter Till from Bazooka Farmstar provides dramatic cost savings over the traditional shank, due to decreased fuel consumption. The unit needs less horsepower to pull the Coulter Till toolbars, which allows for easy maneuvering around corners while still staying in the ground. The unique design of the 13-wave Coulter blade creates minimal ground disturbance. The toolbar is ideal for 3,000 to 12,000 gallon-per-acre application with 24-in. and 30-in. row unit spacing. The toolbar operates on hay ground, chopped corn ground and pastures. Learn more about the toolbar at

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