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August 2012 National Hog Farmer New Products

See the August 2012 National Hog Farmer new products!


Boosting Sow Performance


New technology offers benefits beyond traditional performance metrics.

Land O’ Lakes Purina Feed LLC introduces Healthy EDGE Technology for sows, a feed additive supported by numerous university and field trials, to optimize sow efficiency, colostrum quality and piglet growth. The technology helps sows produce more full-potential pigs by exceeding traditional performance metrics such as pigs per sow per year. Healthy EDGE delivers on piglet size and weight at weaning, quicker return to estrus, sow and young pig health and minimum death loss. “Sows that are expected to produce 30 pigs/sow/year must be fed properly,” says Elena Lindemann, company livestock marketing director. “Healthy EDGE technology supports intake during lactation and helps secure sufficient nutrients to support newborn litters. Our research shows that sows fed the new feed additive produced not only larger litters, but also heavier pigs within these litters. Healthy EDGE technology delivers up to 1.7 more full-potential pigs — those weighing 8 or more lb. at weaning — per sow per year.” Data also supports intestinal integrity and immune health of young pigs with colostrum containing 86% more immunoglobulins and 16% more protein than the control group fed non-supplemented rations. For more information, visit or call (800) 227-8941.


Radiant Tube Heaters


Space-Ray is marketing a new series of radiant tube heaters designed to provide an extra-wide, rectangular heat pattern for hog applications. Available in natural gas or propane, Big Foot heaters save on fuel, reduce maintenance and can be mounted higher to offer broader coverage and added efficiency. The reflector angle of the radiant tube heater is engineered to an optimum angle of 19°F, which improves the radiant footprint and minimizes convective wash, resulting in a more uniform heat distribution and more comfort for the animals. The Big Foot series heaters come with one-stage or two-stage input controls for added flexibility and a totally enclosed burner box that places all of the power, thermostat and gas connections in one central location for easier installation and maintenance. They come in four sizes from 60,000 BTU/hr. to 90,000 BTU/hr. Each unit is pre-assembled and includes a fresh air intake kit, exhaust hood, stainless steel flexible gas connector and pre-wired electrical connection. The patented system automatically turns off the heater in case of tube failure. For more information, visit or call (800) 849-7311.


Attic Energy Saver


Double L Group, Ltd. announces the availability of the new patent-pending Attic Airlock Sleeve. It is a significant energy saver and lowers fuel use. It prevents hot air from entering the attic while the inlets are closing and reduces condensation in the attic, increasing building life. The added air chamber helps keep the inlet from freezing up in extremely cold weather. The Attic Airlock Sleeve, made of corrugated plastic, can be custom designed to fit any size inlet. For more information, call (563) 875-6257 or (800) 553-4102. To view the Attic Airlock in operation, click on


Genetic Improvement


PIC is implementing imputation of 60K SNP genotypes for nucleus selection candidates. Driving this technology is combining 60K SNP genotypes of parents with the individual candidate’s genotypes for 300-400 markers. The result is high accuracy for estimated breeding values for each pig within a litter at a very early age. As a result, normal genomic selection for total number born based on parental 60K genotypes improved accuracy by 11%; adding imputed selection candidate 60K genotypes resulted in a 68% increase in accuracy. Key to the success of this 2½-year project was PIC’s extensive genomic database of more than 20,000 animals genotyped on the 60K chip test — the largest genomic database in the industry — that allowed PIC to “train” the software. PIC developed the proprietary test for the candidates, verified the imputation result, developed the software system for automated production of breeding values and invested in a substantial upgrade in computing power to routinely handle more than one billion genotypes. For more information, visit 


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