PIC Announces Relationship Based Genomic Selection to Crossbred Products

PIC announces that it will implement Relationship Based Genomic Selectio
crossbred boar products, effective August, 2014. PIC will continue its differ implementation of 
genomic technology and be the first entity to use relation genomic selection in all pure and 
crossbred products and in every trait impa selection decisions.
“PIC continues to lead the global livestock industry in utilization of genomic accelerate genetic 
gain for our customers. This implementation step builds previous implementation in all pure lines 
and will increase the accuracy of o process. It will subsequently increase our rate of progress by 
an additional other industry programs” said Dr. Matt Culbertson, Director of Product Deve PIC.
Dr. Bill Christianson, COO PIC, added “PIC is focused on making the invest needed to bring our 
customers’ greater product differentiation and performa potential. This latest advancement is 
another step in our quest to never sto and to deliver on our goal of increased profit potential for 
our customers.”
PIC’s Relationship Based Genomic Selection, also known as Single Step G Selection,uses a 
proprietary genotyping and statistical platform to calculate animals are at the genetic level. It 
will increase the accuracy of evaluating parents of the next generation. PIC began implementing 
Relationship Base Selection in its pure lines in the winter of 2012-2013 and completed full impl 
for all nucleus populations and traits in the fall of 2013.
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