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Mike Johnston left shows Paul Yeske DVM and Leon Sheets how to use the bottlemounted application syringe and infusion tube to administer OvuGel to sows
<p> Mike Johnston (left) shows Paul Yeske, DVM, and Leon Sheets how to use the bottle-mounted application syringe and infusion tube to administer OvuGel to sows.</p>

2013 World Pork Expo New Product Tour: OvuGel JBS United Animal Health

OvaGel synchronizes insemination time in newly weaned sows

By synchronizing insemination time in newly weaned sows, OvuGel, from JBS United Animal Health, facilitates the ability to provide single, fixed-time artificial insemination (AI). A specially designed, vaginally dosed gel delivery system is used to dose sows early in the morning of Day 4 after weaning, explained Steve Webel, JBS United director of reproduction research and development.

“A single insemination is performed early on the fifth day, post-weaning, approximately 20-24 hours after the OvuGel treatment, eliminating the need for estrus detection,” he added. “This means the OvuGel program helps producers utilize labor more efficiently.”

A bottle of OvuGel provides 25 doses of the product. A 2-mL bottle-mounted application syringe is used in conjunction with an infusion tube and protective sheath. Compressing the applicator handle releases the product into the vagina, similar to the process used for AI. Disposable outer sheaths cover the infusion tube and are replaced with a clean sheath for each sow.

The panel asked if it is necessary to follow any special handling procedures when using OvuGel. Webel said gloves are not necessary; hand washing and proper hygiene should be practiced when using the product.

OvuGel has a two-year shelf life when refrigerated, and retails for $6.75/dose, according to Webel.

The panel felt OvuGel showed great potential for the pork industry. “The most impressive thing is that the ability to provide a fixed-time single insemination takes out the risk of technician error when heat checking,” Paul Yeske, DVM, said. “It also offers the opportunity to deploy labor to help spend more time in farrowing, working on reducing stillborns and preweaning mortality.”

OvuGel was awarded the 2013 Producer’s Choice Award at World Pork Expo, having earned the most votes for favorite new product from trade show attendees.

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