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Sow & Pig Care - Birth to Weaning Poster

The guidelines outlined in the Sow & Pig Care - Birth to Weaning Poster help illustrate the importance of quality care and treatment of the sow before, during and after farrowing, as well as the care, processing and handling of the new litter.

The poster is divided into two parts:

  1. Sow Care & Management – preparation before farrowing through weaning of the litter.
  2. Managing & Processing Newborn Piglets – from birth to weaning day.
This poster is sponsored by Newsham Choice Genetics as a service to the pork industry and those who serve as caretakers of the near-term sow or gilt through the successful farrowing and nursing periods that culminates at weaning.

Go to to view and download the poster. Up to three copies are available free of charge from the poster’s sponsor, Newsham Choice Genetics. To order, click here. Larger quantities will be shipped COD.